Bobby Rao leaves Sion Mills

Barry Chambers
18 April 2003

Bobby RaoThe big news to emerge from this week's registration meeting was the signing of Bobby Rao by Burndennett. The former Indian Test player has left Sion Mills who were relegated last year, but will still be playing his cricket in Senior Two. His signing has softened the blow for Burndennett of not being able to register last year's professional Zahid Javed, who wasn't able to secure the required work permit.

In Senior One there were very little new developments. Two Johnny Thompsons are on the move - one from Donemana to Glendermott and the other from Eglinton to Limavady. Jason Brown has moved to Eglinton from Brigade, while the Beechgrove men have registered both Derek and Darren McCann from Downpatrick in the NCU. Limavady have lost the services of Geoff Lockhart who has rejoined Coleraine, who have a professional by the name of Anuridh Singh in their ranks.

Two other Section Two clubs have new pro's in their ranks - Sion Mills have signed former Pakistan Test player Mohammed Naved Qureshi who averages 23.60 in first class cricket, while Fermanagh have also signed a Pakistani by the name of Kamran Hussain, a left arm quick bowler who bats in the middle order. Sachin Aradhye returns for Creevedonnell after his success last year.

In Senior One Bready have signed spinner Trevor Britton from Donemana - both clubs have retained their pros from last year, namely Wian Smit and Azhar Shafique. Wajahatullah Wasti is back at Brigade, Wasim Haider at Drummond, and Venkat Pratap at Eglinton. As reported earlier there will be new pros at Glendermott, Ardmore and Strabane, namely Naved Latif, Callitos Lopez and Rajinth Amunugama.

Starred Players for 2003

Bready - 1st XI - Roland Black, Trevor Hamilton, Richard Hepburn, Mark Olphert, Boyd Rankin and Wain Smit.
2nd XI - Garry Boyd, Trevor Britton, Alan Doherty, David Lecky, James Long, Geoffrey McConnell, Trevor McConnell, Alan Jeffrey, David Scanlon, Colin Spence, Robert Spence and Alan Dalzell. 3rdXI- Lyndsay Allen, Ivan Black, Brian Crumley, Andrew Harper, Leslie Jack and Richard Spence.

Brigade - 1st XI - David Cooke, Gordon Cooke, Mark Simpson, Gregory Wilson, Derek McCann and Wajatullah Wasti.

Donemana - 1st XI - James McBrine, Junior McBrine, Jordan McGonigle, William Portfield, Azar Shaffique, Andrew Riddles.
2nd XI- Andrew McGuinness, Dwayne McGerrigle, George Walker, Lexie Boyd, Noel Dunn, Alan Dunn, Stephen Dunn, Richard Dougherty, Richard Kee, Robert Huey, Dale Olphert and Colin Robinson.

Drummond - 1st XI - Waseem Haider, Simon Dunn , Christopher Moore, Richard Parker, Ian Smyth and Gregory McDaid.
2nd XI- Brian Coyle, Kieran Coyle, Scott Irwin, Warren McIlmoyle, Alfie Dunn, Carwyn Guy, Stephen Gray, Alister Montgomery, Paul Montgomery, Ian McCluskey, Neil Stewart and Jason Scott.

Fox Lodge - 1st XI - Brian Allen, Jonathan Heywood, Stuart Clark, Daniel Manohar, Mark Mooney, Michael Walker.
2nd XI- Trevor Anderson, Richard Elder, Trevor Fabian, Clive Gordon, Keith Gordon, Adrian Heywood, Garvin Heywood, Mark Heywood, Scott Clarke, Darren Miller, Malachy Porter. 3rdXI- Brian Devine, Mark McCarter, Ivan McNeill, Ronald McCombe, Wesley Heywood, Alan Robb, Jonathan Robinson, Wesley Stevenson, Keith Walker, Richard Blair.

Limavady - 1st XI - Des Curry, Roger Kerr, Richard McDaid, Mark McDaid, Kamran Akmal, and Ian McGregor.

Sion Mills - 1st XI - Kieran Boyle, Thomas Harpur, Jonathan McCrea, James McGranahan, Raymond Quinn and Mohammad Naveed Qureshi.

Strabane - 1st XI - John Gillespie, Mark Gillespie, Peter Gillespie, Rajith Amunugoma, Gary Wallace and Terence Patton(jnr).
2nd XI - Marty Deans, John Donaghey, Gary Duffy, Jason Foley, Michael Gillespie, Paul McNamee, Alan Moorehead,, Terence Patton(snr), Ciaran Patton, Gerald Porter, Marty Parks, Mark Snodgrass.

Burndennett - 1st XI - Gerald McCauley, Bobby Rao, Colin McGettigan, Stephen McCay, Mark Rolsten and Aiden Boyle.
2nd XI - Paul McGettigan, Declan McGettigan, William Kelly, Philip Kelly, Mark Porter, Gary Williamson, Adrian Moore, Colm Pollock, Tony Henderson, John McGettigan, Brendan McGettigan, and Stephen Henderson.

Ardmore - 1st XI - Iftikhar Hussain, Carlitos Lopez, Dessie McCourt, Charlie Elder, Gerard Brolly and Paul Brolly.
2nd XI - George Brolly(jun), Damien Coyle, David Coyle, Ciaran Curley, Glen Cunningham, Damien Gallagher, George Gillen, Edwin Gallagher, Kevin Martin. David McAllister, Martin Gormley and Gerard Porter.

Coleraine - 1stXI- Tim Chopra, Gareth Godfrey, Geoffrey Lockhart, Rodney Lockhart, Anirudh Singh and Wilson Torrens.
2nd XI - Brian Acheson, James Carson,Vischal Chopra, Bernard Findlay, Paul Friar, Ivan Hamill, Jonathan Hamill, Ivan Harper, Richard Huey, Stephen McCartney, Robert Millar and Geoffrey Oliver.

Creevedonnell - 1st XI - Sachin Aradhye, Trevor Dougherty, Lee Williamson, Darren Patterson, Chris Dunn and Steve Griffiths.

Eglinton - 1st XI - Roger Christie, Venkat Pratrap, Stephen Smith, Jason Brown, Nigel Thompson, Jonathan Gardiner.
2nd XI - Brian Allen, Derek Allen, Shaun Bradley, Karl OšDoherty, Sean Hargan, Graeme Lamrock, Crawford Martin, Robin Martin, Alister Spratt, Graeme Wells, Richard Wylie, Ryan Wylie.

Glendermott - 1st XI - Gareth Watson, Naved Latif, Gary Neely, Jonathan Thompson, Stephen Doherty and Gordon Montgomery.

North Fermanagh - 1st XI - Kamaran Hussein, Raymond Moan, Darren Moan, Giles Moan, Lionel Semple, Keith Finlay.

St Johnston - 1st XI - Nixon Alexander, Marcus Alexander, Renny Cole, Alan McBeth, David McBeth and James Robinson.

Ballyspallen - 1st XI - Ernest Cassidy, Mark Burley, Ian Crown, Wallace Martin, John Thompson and Ryan OšNeill.

Bonds Glen - 1st XI - Robert Bywater, Jason Curry, Colin Hall, Gary Hamilton, Colin McClelland and Roy Robinson.

Crindle - 1st XI - Ivan McDaid, Noel McDaid, Nigel McElwee, Alex Steele, David Blair and John Steele(sen).

Killymallaght - 1st XI - Peter Allen, Don Dougherty, David Killen, Alister Dunn, Richard Curry and Gareth McKeegan

The Nedd - 1st XI - Patsy Magee (jnr), Robert Magee, David McMichael, Noel McMichael, Gary Smyth and Tom OšHara.

Killyclooney - 1st XI - Keith Buchanan, Darren Britton, Ken Colhoun, Cyril Downey, Gavin Gamble, Kenny Hall.