William Porterfield (capt): Captain couldn't buy a run in the first week but flourished in London. Fine leadership. 7/10

Andre Botha: Scored rapidly and produced boundaries on demand in short stints at the crease. 6/10

Jeremy Bray: Oh dear. Two runs off 17 balls in the group stage saw the veteran opener swiftly decommissioned. 4/10

Peter Connell: Another whose contribution was negligible, but one over is a paltry basis for analysis. 5/10

Alex Cusack: Fully justified full-time status with eight wickets including 4-18 against Sri Lanka, plus a strike rate of 156. 8/10

Trent Johnston: When Ireland were good, it was because he was very good. Two sublime spells and two rotten ones. 7/10

Kyle McCallan: How his off-spin never led to a professional career continues to baffle. Eight wickets at seven-an-over. 8/10

John Mooney: Dependable in the field and inventive with the bat, christened player of the tournament by Phil Simmons. 7/10

Kevin O'Brien: Cool as a cucumber to see Ireland through to the Super Eights on day one. Rest is best forgotten. 7/10

Niall O'Brien: Outstanding behind stumps and his audacious shots felled Bangladesh. Would have made many more runs with a strong ankle. 8/10

Boyd Rankin: After losing his place, became Ireland's meanest bowler and star of the Super Eights with unerring pace work. 8/10

Paul Stirling: Finally unleashed yesterday, drove first ball for four on the way to 18 off 17. Get fit and he could flourish in this format. 6/10

Regan West: Workmanlike in the field and self-destructive with the bat but a useful foil for spin twin McCallan. 6/10

Andrew White: Put all of his experience - and reverse sweeps - to good effect against India and Sri Lanka. 7/10

Gary Wilson: Excellent in the field and solid with the bat, he just didn't score quickly enough to padlock his place. 6/10