Sorensen Catches Brett Lee's Attention as Aussie Legend Begins Working With Irish Bowling Unit

Having just retired from international cricket Brett Lee wasn't long about finding something to do. He joined up with the Irish Squad this week for some sessions with the attack. Vastly experienced in the Antipodean conditions, Lee should be a fountain of knowledge for an Irish Bowling Unit who will be eager to learn from the big Aussie Legend.

Having taken his first session with the Bowlers the Aussie seemed pleased with what he saw. He singled out Max Sorensen who caught his eye, saying he was bowling extremely well, and had good pace.

Barry Chambers: Brett welcome to the Irish Camp. How did this opportunity come about?

Brett Lee: Well just obviously chatting, you know, with `Simmo', and the thing that I jump at, you know, opportunities to try and pass back on. So you know you also want to make sure that when you're a Bowler, even though that I've sort of moved away from Cricket now, you sort of want to pass on what you have learned.

And I have learned so much off other, you know, Fast Bowlers around the world. You know, whether it's Alan Donald or Courtney Walsh or whoever it might be. I've had a lot of people pass on their knowledge. So this will be a chance for me to try and put back in.

Barry Chambers: You've just finished your playing career last week. Is this going to be the next stage in your career, a bit of bowling coaching or coaching in general?

Brett Lee: Honesty, I haven't thought about it. I haven't thought too much about it. It's been too new, too early I think. Yeah the opportunity was, was I have a few days off, and timing sort of worked out, and yeah to come down and have a look at these guys, have a bit of a bowl.

Barry Chambers: It's only really a short term contract. What advice will you be passing on to the Irish Bowlers? You seemed to have a good session here this morning.

Brett Lee: Yeah look, it's just you know making sure with that they've got to work on, in terms of their action, keeping their action clean. You know making sure they work on a couple of different bullets. But it's just, I think it's the mindset more than anything, making sure they've got their right plans in place. But it's the same when you work now with youngsters around, you know, New South Wales Cricket or whoever it might be, it's having a really clear plan, and trying to execute that plan.

Barry Chambers: What Bowlers impressed you here this morning?

Brett Lee: Well everyone yeah everyone. Max seemed, you know in particular, as being someone to me that, you know he's bowling extremely well. He's got good pace. But you know all the guys in general. I want to have a look over the next couple of days obviously to, you can't just come down here and sort of, obviously in a couple of hours, just try and make your assessment on one Bowler.

But look it's been fun. I try and keep things really simple. Opportunity to work with, you know, a great team, and to put back in, I guess it's, you know, my way to try to put back into world cricket, I think.

Barry Chambers: Looking ahead, the World Cup starting next week. What teams should we be looking out for, do you think, Australia obviously?

Brett Lee: I think obviously Australia are a very strong team, you know, I obviously never back against Australia. They're probably the Number 1 team in the world. South Africa, I think is a really important team that will play a huge role.

And New Zealand too is a team that you know I think are playing some really good cricket. I think that they have got a lot to show, playing on a very similar you know style to what they've got back at home. But then when they do get the chance to play at home, I think they'll play extremely well.

Barry Chambers: And what Bowlers will you particularly be looking for to watch in this competition?

Brett Lee: Ah look I'm looking forward to watching Mitchell Johnson crank it up. He's obviously a bowler that's an extremely good talent. In terms of the Aussies you've got Pat Cummins, you've got Mitchell Starc, you know anyone that can bowl 145 km plus through any team is exciting to watch.

Barry Chambers: And what advice would you give the Irish on the pitches here? Not quite what they're used to. What should the Bowlers be doing?

Brett Lee: Yeah well look, I think any Bowlers gets a chance to play in Australia, know that the wickets here are normally good wickets to bat on. But they're also, if you put the ball in the right area, you can get some reward for your efforts. So anyone that plays at the WACA, it's a nice bouncy wicket, Bowlers can lick their lips, but make sure that they don't bowl too short at the WACA either.