Balbirnie Battles Bravely Against World Class South African Bowling Attack

Andrew Balbirnie was happy with his innings against one of the World Cup favourites South Africa.

With Ireland at 48 for 5 Balbirnie chanced his arm a little at the start but then put together a delightful knock in a very useful partnership with Kevin O'Brien.

Balbirnie delighted in his battle with one of the world's best bowlers Dale Steyn. Having survived the battle he hopes to bring his form with him to Ireland's crunch tie in Hobart on Saturday against Zimbabwe.

Barry Chambers: Andrew personally a good performance, but a pretty heavy defeat by a very strong South African team?

Andrew Balbirnie: Yeah it was, you know it was a hard one to take. We lost four early wickets there in the first ten overs, which did put us on the back foot. But you know they're such a powerful team, and such a dangerous team.

They've earned the right to be one of the favourites for this competition. But we'll take plenty of positives. Going forward, you know, I was happy enough with how I played. I chanced my arm a bit at the start, but a couple of the other guys down the low order as well, got a couple of good knocks, which will give them confidence.

Barry Chambers: And have you ever faced anybody of the speed of Dale Steyn?

Andrew Balbirnie: Eh no, Dale Steyn is probably the quickest I'll ever faced. But that's what you want to do, that's why you play at World Cups. You know you're out there and your blood is boiling, you're buzzing and that's where you want to be. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

He's obviously one of the World Class Bowlers of our generation. And he will be probably for the next five years. But it was good. I enjoyed the battle, and it's definitely something I'll take going forward.

Barry Chambers: And I know we got off to a bad start, we still managed to get 200, just over the 200, so that will help us with the run rate? Andrew Balbirnie: Yeah it will, you know, like as I said, Kev got a good 40 there and a couple of the lads down the order got 20s so you know every run is vital in this group, it's going to be a close group. And we're looking forward to Saturday and hopefully putting it right be getting another two points.

Barry Chambers: And of course Zimbabwe next. That's a big game now for us?

Andrew Balbirnie: Yeah it is a big game, especially after a loss like this. We've got to turn it round now in a short space of time. And you know hopefully we can do that right, you know, the lads will dust themselves off and we'll start again when we get to Hobart and start training. And we'll all be raring to go for Saturday, no doubt.

Barry Chambers: Of course there's not much time to reflect on a defeat like this, the games now just come thick and fast?

Andrew Balbirnie: Yeah exactly, we're flying early in the morning to Hobart. The lads will reflect on their own. We'll look at the footage and see where we could have gone better. But there isn't a lot we can do in this short space of time. But we've just got to go into Saturday with a positive mindset, and just put this one under the carpet and move on.