How/why did you start playing cricket? My father (Bob) played for the local club Bready and I went along there. I've played cricket since primary school really.

Any family members playing cricket? My brother David made his debut for Ireland last season, while Robert has played for Ireland U19's and is currently with Lisburn in the NCU. My sister Jemma plays for Bready also.

Who had the greatest influence on your career? My parents early in my career, then Mike Hendrick as I broke into Irish and county cricket.

What is your ultimate cricketing aspiration? To get on the honours board at Lord's in a Test match.

Best cricketing moments/personal highlights? The first win against Pakistan in 2007 is still my favourite moment. No-one really expected us to win and that made it extra special. We've had a few memorable wins since but that one still remains my favourite. Winning the county championship with Warwickshire was also a very proud moment.

What was your worst cricketing moment? I prefer to remember the good ones and not dwell on disappointments.

What is your funniest cricketing moment? Neil Carter from Warwickshire came bounding in to bowl, his back foot slipped and his face has just planted on the deck. It was live on SKY and happened not once but twice, within the space of three balls.

Who is your best friend in Irish Cricket and why? William Porterfield, who I've played with from a very young age through all the Ireland age groups, and who plays county cricket with me at Warwickshire.

If you could bowl against anyone in world cricket, who would it be? Virat Kohli at the moment. He's on an incredibly consistent run of form.

Who is your favourite Irish cricketer (past and present), and why? Decker Curry for me was something extra special growing up. I managed to dismiss in both innings of a senior cup final - but not before he had scored a century in each of the two innings. That was just exceptional batting on his part.

Which is your favourite Irish cricket ground(s) and what is special about them? Apart from Bready, I quite like Stormont. There's a bit of extra bounce there and the pitches are good for cricket.

Who is the best young Irish cricketer you have seen in recent times? I watched the U19's during the recent World Cup and quite a few of those looked promising. Rory Anders in particular stood out for me.

How would you set about improving the standard of Irish cricket? Better facilities and practise pitches. That would be a good first step to improving standards.

How would you set about making Irish cricket more popular? I think there needs to be more internationals in the North West. The crowds there tend to be good and it would help spread the gospel rather than having all the games at just one or two venues.

Which Test team, if any, do you like watching? I like watching South Africa play - they have a very good bowling unit and it's great to watch the way they go about things.

Which overseas countries have you played cricket in? I've played in all of the major countries bar New Zealand.

Which was your favourite(s), and why? South Africa is right up there. Climate, cricket, people - just a great sporting experience.

Who is your favourite world cricketer and why? Glenn McGrath was exceptional. His stats speak for themselves.

Which other sports do you play regularly? I played rugby and football when I was at school.

What are your hobbies? I love going back to the family farm when I get a chance to help out. I'm a keen cinema goer. Just anything really that helps me switch off from cricket.

Who is your favourite musical artist(s)? Anybody that's in the top ten of the charts.

Who is your favourite author(s)? I'm not a big reader to be honest.

Which is your favourite film(s)? The Taken series, Shawshank Redemption.

What is your favourite newspaper(s)? None really. I just read most of the news online.

What is your favourite television programme(s)? Making a Murderer, Silent Witness.

What is your favourite web site(s)? Cricinfo for international cricket, and I go to CricketEurope for local and Irish cricket.

What is your favourite type(s) of food? Chinese.

Favourite drink(s) - alcoholic and non-alcoholic? Jack Daniels and coke. Water.

What sort of car do you drive and what would you like to drive if you could? VW Tournan. I'd like a Range Rover Sport.

Which four people (living or dead ) would you like to have at the dinner table? Stevie Gerrard, Jurgan Klopp, Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington

What would be your dream job if not a professional cricketer? Farmer.