The sixth edition of the Continental T20 kicks off in Schiedam this week, With a KNCB XI and the Pakistan Ambassador's XI taking on Denmark, France, and Germany.

The five teams will face off in a round-robin pool format, with matches split across Excelsior's ground at Thurlede, Sportpark Harga - home of Hermes-DVS, and for the first time VCC's ground at Voorburg.

The opening match of the tournament will see the KNCB XI take on Denmark at Voorburg on Thursday, though the two sides will first play a warm-up match at Harga on Wednesday.

Tournament Schedule

23-jun 15:00 KNCB XI Denmark Voorburg CC
23-jun 16:00 Pakistan XI Germany Hermes DVS
24-jun 11:00 Germany KNCB XI Hermes DVS
24-jun 11:00 France Denmark Excelsior'20
24-jun 15:00 Germany France Hermes DVS
24-jun 15:00 KNCB XI Pakistan XI Excelsior’20
25-jun 10:30 Germany Denmark Hermes DVS
25-jun 10:30 Pakistan XI France Excelsior'20
25-jun 14.15 Pakistan XI Denmark Hermes DVS
25-jun 14:15 KNCB XI France Excelsior’20