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Date: 16/12/2015
Author: Kenny Carroll (Railway Union CC)
Stu Daultrey RIP. Will be missed around the cricket grounds in Dublin especially.

Pre season friendlies:

Railway Union are looking to play some friendlies on w/e 16th and 17th April (Leinster area) and also w/e 23rd and 24th April (NCU / Leinster area). If your club would like to host us please contact me on Many thanks

Kenny Carroll - Railway Union CC 1st XI Captain 2016
Date: 16/12/2015
Author: J King
The ongoing debate about the eligibility of players in the IP's is an interesting one. As others have said in an ideal world it should be best v best, ideally I suppose CI would like to see the likes of Porterfield and the like come back to play, unfortunately the poor money on offer will mean that the county scene for the short term future is a much more attractive proposition, even at 2nd XI level where contracts offered likely pay better than not just the IP matches but also quite possibly comets favourably with CI contracts, at a guess I'd presume the money John Mooney is getting for three weeks in the Middle East is better than his yearly pay from CI. Or at least that's how I'd read the interview.
I've no issue with what leinster are doing in regard to flying the county 2nd XI guys in. It makes sense on all fronts, my main issue would be that it makes an already u level playing field a bit steeper unless the financial side is managed, I'd hope CI pick up the tab for transport. While Dotski rightly says c200 isn't a huge amount to spend isn't massive everything is relative. if the unions are picking up the tab, then they are accountable to their clubs, and do the clubs believe that 200 benefits them when spent on a plane ticket, or when spent providing 10-20 hours of coaching in schools and the like.
As Dotski rightly says the interpro's disappeared before and unless the players feel they are benefitting, both by playing a higher standard and perhaps more importantly financially then they could disappear again, the better players would still have the option of English counties for a career, or for some being paid to play locally.
Anyway enough serious stuff, Andy McBrine obviously isn't going to be joining The Hills, and the Ed is quite right to clear that up, he's going to Malahide instead. Aggie Riddles now linked with Bonds Glen, Ifty Hussain to Ardmore, one more big money move to be finalised for Coleraine and it looks like they need a seam bowler to fill the vacancy left by McCarter, strong rumours that they've identified a young Australian with a student visa and is starting university in April.....heading home in December making him resident for 2017 onwards.
Date: 16/12/2015
Author: Brian
Just want clarification from someone in the Coleraine area what 'CCC' stands for - Coleraine Cricket Club or Coleraine Circus Club?

The resigning of D.Cooke after one year at the BG'S - not sure what this achieves in terms of their future and what it says for the quality of their youth, or perhaps, their trust in youth? Also well played N.McDonell on pretending to retire to get another years cricket out of them - or perhaps, well done GWG on badgering him to continue to play..

Dont know how S.Campbell is going to manage that changing room..

Ardmore, Strabane and Brigade with nothing as of yet but I believe there will be news from them soon..

At the minute I would say Coleraine will be champions and Bready will finally be relegated.. Predictions can change with signings

Oh an Merry Xmas :)
Date: 16/12/2015
Author: Alan Thompson
Why would you have Munster in the interpros?
For three years all the discussion has been how to divide the strength of Leinster to equalise things.
So if Munster are in then it's playing to an agenda in Dubai rather than Dublin or Derry.
It makes no cricketing sense.
I don't see any desire in clubs to be cheerleaders for the interpros and truth to tell they are relevant to only a small number of players.
Maybe even fewer next season since two of the leading players in the NCU have been left out of the winter programme sending the message that their Ireland aspirations are effectively over.
Let Cricket Ireland get on with it, organise it as they see fit, for whoever they like and let the rest of us get on with our games.
Date: 16/12/2015
Author: Sean Kavanagh
Munster in the T20 Inter-pros for 2016

Heard last week that Munster will have a team in the T20 Inter-pro series in 2016.
Has this been announced officially yet by Cricket Ireland?

Ed's Note: Nothing official yet but very good news for cricket in the region when confirmed.
Date: 16/12/2015
Author: Trevor Hamilton
Ryan Haire:

Agree 100%...This doesn't send out the message that the ICC are developing the game on a global scale, when they are slashing budgets at youth level, where players got to experience cricket in a different environment in an International tournament scenario.

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