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Date: 13/1/2015
Author: stephen Brown
I like the ICC recognises both boards,it means the leading board has to get its stuff together and co operate.

Development in the game tho is a long wayoff.
Date: 9/1/2015
Author: timmyj
People just haven't thought through this USACA vs ACF thing.
Let's suppose ICC decides to recognize ACF and chuck USACA.
Then what? Don't think for one moment all the USACA people
will now jump over to ACF and everything will be hunky-dory. There's many people in the USA
cricket community who just don't like ACF. So now you've
still got two warring factions. The bullseye's just been transferred onto the
back of ACF. And you can be sure Dainty won't just take this lying down. He'd certainly go to court, as he's done in the past. Have said all along: what ICC has to do is
broker an arrangement to form a completely new USA national
body, not USACA nor ACF. A body that is acceptable to all
(or mostly all) of the USA cricket community.
Date: 9/1/2015
Author: ray
I doubt many of the Associates and Affiliates in the Americas (or in other regions) would meet the guidelines so nothing new for ICC to recognize whoever it pleases in the United States.

I think the ACF can rightfully claim the modification to A&A membership criteria as the "ACF amendment". Quite a coincidence that the ICC is suddenly moving on this just as its hand is so publicly forced by the existence of a 2nd body in the USA. So will this be used allow the ICC to continue to recognize USACA "just because we say so" or does it open the door to eventual ACF recognition? Time will tell.
Date: 8/1/2015
Author: timmyj
I don't see the proposed changes in ICC guidelines for AA membership in any way making it easier for ACF to replace the USACA. Look at the current guidelines. Neither organization meets half the criteria as they now stand. Neither have
a minimum of 16 junior teams; neither have two full time employees; neither have a strategic plan that includes mainstream populace. The national organization must be incorporated which ACF isn't. If it just comes down to membership numbers gonna be hard see how ICC can just make the switch since no one really knows who has the most members.
Date: 7/1/2015
Author: amit
mihir, all 4 associates making quarter-finals is too optimistic. i would be happy with atleast 1 associate making quarter-finals. both ireland & afghanistan have targetted the quarter-finals and atleast 1 of them should achieve the target, though i want both

afghanistan have to beat bangladesh & 1 of england/sri lanka, whereas ireland have to beat west indies & zimbabwe besides beating their fellow associates
Date: 1/1/2015
Author: Mihir Mangaonkar
Happy new year to all Cricket Europe supporters and A&A cricket supporters , Hope all the 4 Associates reach Quarterfinals of World Cup 2015 and send a strong message to ICC not to reduce 2019 WC to 10 teams .
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