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Date: 19/5/2016
Author: Alwin Rony Mendez
Re: Search Continues For Pace Bowlers

I think Peter Chase should have continued with durham rather than taking Ireland contract. He was developing well under Durham academy when that freak injury happened last year.
Happy to see how Barry McCarthy is progressing, He seems to be the one that can fill the All rounders's role for Ireland.
Also Mark Adair in action for Warwickshire 2nds and taking 4 Wickets and also Bobby Gamble it seems Cricket Ireland have options for Pace Bowlers at least theoretically since none of them have played any senior level cricket for Ireland (Peter Chase last played in early 2015).

Also bit worrying that both Joshua Little and Rory Anders of Under 19's are not even making the Interpro Squads. After a Good World Cup there has been literally no news about them.
Date: 19/5/2016
Author: John B
RE: Declaration...what a load of nonsense.

I have read the regulation fully, yes the declaration meant no more wickets could be taken...but it surely is an attempt to have a few overs at the opposition in fading light at the end of the day in an effort to force a result.

The declaration actually increased the chance of a result in the match, so we should be applauding it as positive rather than complaining.

Date: 19/5/2016
Author: Dave
Re: R Haire

If N Smith is a better player than Lee Nelson......
Date: 19/5/2016
Author: Joseph Burns
I think the declaration falls just the right side of the extraordinary declarations rule. With a day left and 10 wickets in 1 and a half sessions needed for a result to be even conceivable, putting the opposition in is defensible. And given a wicket was taken it was also sensible.

BTW, anyone know what Adair is up to this season?
Date: 18/5/2016
Author: Ian Callender
William Dottin ..... or is it William Dottin ..
It's hardly bringing the game into disrepute when you declare ahead with just seven overs left in the day, hoping to get a couple of wickets before the close.
Also, as a matter of interest, why did you not query Lightning's declaration? It would have made more sense if they had batted on with SEVEN wickets left. They denied Knights the opportunity to get more bonus points
Date: 18/5/2016
Author: William Dottin.....
Re my earlier post (not up yet), the website appears to confirm the motivation of the declaration

"Shannon declared - not wanting to give Lightning a fourth bowling point"

Has the rule changed?
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