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Date: 25/11/2013
Author: Tony Moran
And we should have beaten Bangladesh on home soil, and if I remember the last game played against them in the World Cup in Bangladesh, we had them on the ropes, they were petrified of Kevin coming off the back of beating England and he hit one straight to midwicket and got out when starting to wind up, when we were in a winning position
I think also that Zimbabwe have just beaten Bangladesh in the last couple of days, it makes no difference who we play, it only takes one player to win a T20 with a quick 60 or take 3/4 wickets for no runs.....keep the faith
If we all chose who we wanted we would have 80 players walking out on the pitch
yes I agree about youth and I would put in the younger Poynter, there is even an argument to play both brothers, and I would definitely play Niall in all formats and John Anderson and Andrew White in the longer format, but I dont pick the team!
Nothing wrong with John Mooney if he is in the team we should all support him.

But I will give the last word to David Cooke he is 'right on the money' read his post!
Date: 25/11/2013
Author: Ryano
@ Ryan D

Check out my twitter feed which will answer your questions.

Date: 25/11/2013
Author: David Cooke
My thoughts are to keep Mooney in the team if we are playing our strongest team. However now that Ireland have qualified maybe it is time to give some of the young guns the opportunity?
Date: 25/11/2013
Author: darren
thanks andrew, that's great news!
Date: 25/11/2013
Author: Dotski_w
@Ryan D

One presumes they are selecting largely what they consider to be the best XI, Mooney ' s strike rate and economy are very good and that's what you look for in a mid-order all rounder in T20. They also, presumably, believe that the squad players on standby would not do as good a job (and have the training and warm ups, in addition to past performance, to guide their judgement) . That, is "the point" in his selection.

You think someone else might do better? Fair enough, but those who actually are with the players seem to have a different view (as would those who check out the respective players stats).

But seeing as you're posting negatively about an Ireland player how about you say who you would pick instead..? Make the case and let us see why you're so convinced he's not worth his place. Cos reading your posts it just looks like you're against him for non-cricketing reasons.
Date: 25/11/2013
Author: undashing
I prefer Ireland to be grouped with Zimbabwe.

Bangladesh are formidable opponents at home. It will be very hard to beat them.

The whole T20 world cup format is ridiculous. Associates, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe shouldn't be playing extra round to play the top 8 members.
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