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Date: 20/1/2015
Author: Nikki
Andrew: Agreed, it is slightly utopian, but it used to be a fact. Back in 2003 the Dutch entered the WC with pretty much a totally dutch team.

What has happened since then? Lack of youth development.

Yes, I don't envision a dutch team without them either, but I don't envision a team with them either. The way it's going we will still be playing division 2 cricket for a while, no matter if we have non home grown players.
Date: 20/1/2015
Author: Nikki
@Jake Reefsen; If the KNCB stuck more time and effort into creating Dutch youth there would be one... If they continuously invest chances and effort into foreign mercenary players they will never develop one.

As to xenophobic sniping; I don't disqualify foreigners playing for the Netherlands, but foreigners (having not being developed here) swanning in and taking the chances away from the youth and dutch players I qualify as mercenary.

As to genuinely dedicating time and effort; They are tacking the chance of publicity in the cricketing world from dutch players/youth. They don't do this because they genuinely want to play cricket for the netherlands for the rest of their lives; they want to play for their home countries (Nannes being the perfect example) and are prepared to deprive dutch youth and players from developing and playing for their country.

Money is not the reason they play for the Netherlands; A chance of earning money in another team (IPL, BBL, playing for test nations etc.) by creating publicity of one's self in another team (like Nannes) that gives them the chance of playing in another better paid team, is what they are playing for.

If they really cared about dutch cricket they would understand that they are not really a part of it and let it develop in it's merry way.

I had actually supported Adeel Raja when he played, yet he is actually Pakistani by origin. I considered him a genuine dutch player as he played quite some dutch youth cricket here and developed quite a lot of his skills here.

I am not xenophobic, if anything I am mercenaryphobic.

Jake Reefsen (if that's your real name); Nice psuedonym; Are you fancing your chances of playing for the Netherlands? Who are you actually?
Date: 20/1/2015
Author: Andrew File
In all honesty, I think if we were to only have 'home grown' players playing for the Netherlands, we would have no place in WCL Division 2, but 3 or 4.

I think playing even lower level cricket would have more adverse consequences for the level of cricket played in the Netherlands, making it nigh on impossible to ever get back to full ODI status.

So I agree in principle on limiting the number of non home grown (but who do qualify for Dutch playing status) players, but to envision a Dutch team without any would be a utopian vision.
Date: 20/1/2015
Author: Woodland Paradise
Jeez, what would be the reason to leave player of the year Jeroen Brand out of the squad? Why take a 32 year old player and not use him in what he's good at?
Date: 19/1/2015
Author: Jake Reefsen
@Nikki why don't you give us the "genuine dutch" line up that would win this tournament? Or do you prefer to keep at your xenophobic sniping at players who give dedicate their time and effort for the game in this country. I'm sick of hearing the word "mercenaries". Nobody's getting rich playing cricket for the Netherlands.
Date: 19/1/2015
Author: Jordan
It's a bit rich to blame the overseas players for the loss when the team was unchanged from the win, Nikki. Especially when the only decent knocks were from two South Africans.

What country they hail from doesn't matter when their cricketing livelihoods are on the line. They're professional sportsmen, I doubt they will be thinking about anything other than winning.
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