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Netherlands Women 2015
European Women's Championship (T20)
ECB County Championship Division 3
Scorecard Oxfordshire v Netherlands, 4 May.
Scorecard Northamptonshire v Netherlands, 3 May.
  • 24 May: Netherlands v Cheshire, Barnton
  • 25 May: Netherlands v Leicestershire, Empingham
  • 21 June: Netherlands v Derbyshire, Stainsby
  • 19 July: Netherlands v Hampshire, Ower
  • 30 August: Netherlands v Hertfordshire, Tring
  • 31 August: Netherlands v Suffolk, Copdock
ECB Twenty20 Cup, Division 2
  • 14 June: Netherlands v Staffordshire, Fordhouses
  • 14 June: Netherlands v Warwickshire, Fordhouses
  • 5 July: Netherlands v Durham, Durham
  • 5 July: Netherlands v Derbyshire, Durham
  • 2 August: Netherlands v Lancashire, Glossop
  • 2 August : Netherlands v Cheshire, Glossop
  • 16 August: Netherlands v Wales, Billericay
  • 16 August: Netherlands v Essex, Billericay
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Latest Scores
ACC v VOC at Het Loopveld West.


Dosti United v Excelsior at Drieburg.
 Dosti United


Hermes DVS v Quick Haag at Sportpark Harga.
 Hermes DVS

 Quick Haag

HBS v VRA at Craeyenhout.

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