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Idle Summers Podcast

Russell Degnan and Andrew Nixon's associate and affiliate cricket podcast is an attempt to expand coverage of associate tournaments by obtaining local knowledge of the relevant nations.

  • March Round-up (20 May 2016)
    Tim Anderson, Head of Global Development at the ICC, on a range of topics: reform of the WT20 qualifying process and affiliate cricket (11:10), the changes to World Cricket League, and restructure of regional pathways (24:02), the ascension of Ireland and Afghanistan and present focus on greater context for full member cricket (29:06), global tournaments, opportunity and status (35:00), changes to the funding scorecard (41:29), women's cricket (44:12), member suspensions and governance (47:32), changes to regional development programs (53:29), streaming and promotion of associate cricket (55:37), match fixing (58:58), Tim's legacy, USA, China and the Olympics (1:01:12). News from Germany, Hong Kong, Rwanda, and the ICC (0:06), and a preview of World Cricket League division five (1:13:48) and PNG vs Kenya (1:16:49); …
  • March Round-up (4 May 2016)
    Africa men's division 2 and women's T20 and/or World Cup qualifier; Namibia played both Afghanistan, in the I-Cup, and Nepal in the WCLC; the passing of the inspirational Tony Munro, editor of Beyond the Test World; women's development, particularly in Afghanistan; match-fixing at associate level; Nepal's suspension by the ICC; …
  • March Round-up (30 March 2016)
    How the associate teams performed in the World T20s. News from Japan, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Afghanistan. A preview of Afghanistan s Namibia in the I-Cup, the mess that is Nepal cricket and preview of their matches against Namibia, and preview of Africa Div 2 …
  • Vanuatu with Mark Stafford (6 March 2016)
    We are gearing up for a big couple of weeks of cricket. The second half of the under 19 World cup (0:30), world T20 qualifier preview of the men (9:30) and women (16:09), and the Stan Nagaiah trophy (18:44). In news, the ICC has announced that Suriname has withdrawn from WCL5 after an eligibility investigation, and we chat to Mark Stafford from the Vanuatu Cricket Association about their promotion (20:48). We review the ICC board meeting and proposals for Test championship and bilateral structures (28:09). Russell is currently conducting a survey to submit to the ICC on these issues. Please contribute your say to the future of the Test cricket here. US cricket is seeing some investment from the CPL and Times oF India, and is potentially in line to host for WCL4 (35:30). And in regional cricket, East Asian cricket will have amen's and women's tournaments on a biannual cycle, starting in Japan in 2016. (39:30)
  • WCL, ICup and UNder 19 World Cup (5 February 2016)
    The Intercontinental Cup and World Cricket League championship returned albeit without much play in Hong Kong, and in a series of one-sided encounters between the Netherlands and UAE. The recent round of matches, and the ongoing Ireland-PNG series (0:20). The U-19 world cup is half run and Nepal and Namibia produced some significant upsets (9:00). And Afghanistan is playing Zimbabwe again (18:00). There were aso matches by the ICC Americas side in the West Indies (19:50) and mens and womens East-Asia-Pacific squads in country Australia (21:40). The ICC conference was ongoing when we record, but we set the scene for the numerous discussions being held (24:00). There is news from Hong Kong with the suspension of Irfan Ahmed and ascension of Ryan Campbell (29:30), Ireland women (38:30) and not enough regarding Suriname as WCL5 draws closer (42:00). Finally, we preview the Asia Cup (35:00).
  • Review of 2015 (4 January 2016)
    The best players (7:00), the teams that impressed or didn't (14:00), highlights (25:00), lowlights (29:30) and the state of the game in 2016 (30:10). There is also a review of Afghanistan's ongoing series against Zimbabwe (0:20); news from Afghanistan (46:10) and the WBBL (48:50), and a review of the January I-Cup and WCLC series between UAE and Netherlands, and Hong Kong and Scotland (51:00). Finally, a big shout out to all our interviewees and listeners over the last year.
  • Women's World T20 Qualifiers (10 December 2015)
    Thailand played host to the women's world T20 qualifiers, with Ireland winning the final over Bangladesh and qualifying for the main event. (2:10) We discuss that tournament, the Afghanistan-PNG I-Cup match (8:13), the WCL matches between Hong Kong and UAE (12:27), and PNG and Nepal (14:23), plus the other (fairly pointless) T20 matches in the UAE (17:26), and the Gulf T20 Cup (19:42). We begin the podcast with some thoughts on Raymond van Schoor, who passed away unexpectedly after suffering a stroke on the field. And there is news from Nepal, with their long-time coach, Dassanayake, has moved on (20:54), from Hong Kong who've had their Mission Road ground approved (23:21), the UAE's plans to professionalise cricket (27:04), and from the ICC (and others) wandering into US cricket (28:43).
  • WCL, ICup and Women's World T20 Qualifiers(17 November 2015)
    Lots of cricket, but not much diversity with seemingly the whole of the associate calendar moved to the UAE. We discuss Kenya's victory over Namibia in the WCL (0:30), Hong Kong's victory over the UAE in the I-Cup (2:45), Oman's participation in the warmups (5:30) and matches between full members and associates including Hong Kong, Nepal (6:54) and the USA women's side (11:27). There was a tournament in East Asia (13:38), and a women's tournament in north west Africa (15:49). In news, we discuss the possible ACC reappearance (17:15), Jersey to host WCL5 (18:39) and the return of Boyd Rankin to Ireland (19:37). And there are previews of the Women's World T20 in Thailand (20:41), and WCL and I-Cup matches ongoing (23:56).
  • October Round-up (29 October 2015)
    The under 19 World Cup qualifiers, Ireland and Afghanistan in Zimbabwe, the Africa T20 Cup, and the South American championship; player eligibility issues for Suriname at WCL6 (17:17). From the ICC there are mooted changes to world cup qualification, the women's world cup, formalisation of changes to funding for associates and affiliates, a renewed look at the Olympics, administrative problems in Nepal and the end of WCL6? …
  • September Round-up (23 September 2015)
    Guernsey Chief Executive Mark Latter discusses their promotion from WCL 6, and their development efforts. CricketEurope correspondent and former KNCB executive Rod Lyall about the Scotland-Netherlands I-Cup and WCL championship matches, or lack of. Both Some brief comments on WCL6, the Scotland-Netherlands matches, the start of the East Asia Women's Cup and the news regarding associate participation in the Asia Cup …
  • Back again! (7 September 2015)
    Interview with Hong Kong CEO Tim Cutler on the Sixes4Nepal tournament, their performance in the WT20 qualifiers and hopes for the next few years, their relationship with China, and local grounds and other development issues. Reviews of a plethora of tournaments, including the WT20 qualifiers, WCLC matches between Scotland and Nepal, U19 regional tournaments, the men's and women's matches between Ireland and Australia, the Pacific Games (24:00) and others. News from USA and previews of WCL6 and the forthcoming Scotland-Netherlands matches …
  • World T20 Qualifiers Preview (2 July 2015)
    In the first of a two part episode, US cricket journalist and associate cricket expert Peter Della Penna discusses the World T20 qualifiers and ICC news. We cover the World T20 qualifiers, with previews of every team and predictions of the teams likely to reach the playoffs …
  • ICC Conference and USA suspension (2 July 2015)
    In the second part Peter Della Penna discusses the USACA Suspension and outcomes from the ICC conference: the ascension of Serbia and the suspension of Turkey and Morocco; the stated strategic plan; and the nexus between development and future competitive opportunities. Previews of the Americas U19, Europe U19, Pacific Games and Scotland-Nepal WCLC matches. Reviews of the Netherlands-PNG WCLC, and UAE-Kenya matches, the Central Europe Cup, (Europe) Continental Cup …
  • ICC Governance with Ehan Mani (23 June 2015)
    We celebrate 50 episodes with a special interview with former ICC President Ehsan Mani on associate cricket, development and governance at the ICC; reviews of the Netherlands v PNG I-Cup match; the first Ireland-Scotland T20 match. In news the theme is franchises, and we discuss the mooted plan for associate teams in county cricket, the expansion of the CPL into Florida, and its emerging role in player development …
  • Icup and WCL Championship continue (16 June 2015)
    The most recent matches in the Intercontinental Cup and WCL Championship. Ireland defeated UAE by a heavy margin but Scotland and Afghanistan had more rain than play. Retirements galore, and more cancellations of projects than good news, with Scotland curtailing their high performance centre, and Indonesia looking to drop cricket from the Asian Games. Previews of the Netherlands-Papua New Guinea matches, Uganda v Kenya …
  • After European Division 1 (19 May 2015)
    The final two regional qualifiers for the WT20 saw Canada and Jersey go through. Jersey CEO Chris Minty on hosting the tournament and the challenge of stepping up to the next level in July. Norway moved into the WCL with victory over France …
  • ICC Meeting, T20 previews (4 May 2015)
    Outcomes of the recent ICC meeting; the hosting of the U19 world cup qualifier in Nepal; the Essel Group plans to form a breakaway governing body; previews of Americas Division 1 and European Division 1 in Jersey. Previews of Ireland v England and the Namibia v Hong Kong matches in Windhoek …
  • >Wisden Special (17 April 2015)
    Assistant editor of Wisden, James Coyne (@coynejames), discusses the Cricket Round the World section, some of the interesting historical entries in the supplementary obituaries, and the increasingly global stance of the Almanack. African Division 1 T20 qualifiers and the attached WCL6 qualifier won by Botswana; a final look at the world cup, discussing what we should aim for in a format, and why a 20 team world cup is the best of many possible options …
  • World Cup Review (25 March 2015)
    The group stages ended with something of a whimper for the associates, with Ireland missing out on the knockouts and some heavy losses. Cricket Ireland media manager Barry Chambers and Scottish head coach Grant Bradburn discuss their respective team's performance; The National (UAE) journalist Paul Radley discusses the UAE. We look at Afghanistan and the overall associate performances. Also, the Central America Championships, combined US-Canadian womens' team in Argentina, Africa Division One T20 qualifiers …
  • World Cup, Africa and EAP Under 19s (1 March 2015)
    The opening fortnight of world cup matches, assessing how the associate teams have gone to date, and their chances of qualifying for the quarter-finals. Theextraordinary turn in the politics of the next world cup that has taken place since the start of the tournament. The Africa and EAP U19 qualifiers are won respectively by Namibia and in a big surprise, Fiji. ICC has requested an extensive list of information from USACA. The hosts for WCL6, Americas Div 1, and ongoing issues in Nepal …
  • World Cup Rant Special (9 February 2015)
    Nothing says the world cup like incessant complaining about the presence of associates, the seemingly endless format, the predictability ... Ranting about recent statements from ICC Chief Executive David Richardson, and the myths around larger and inclusive world cups. News from the USA and Fiji …
  • WCL2, ACC T20 and Quipu Sports (6 February 2015)
    WCL 2 concluded with an epic final day that saw Netherlands overtake Nepal and Kenya surpass Canada to survive relegation. A look back at the Dubai Triangular and the Asian T20 qualifier won by Oman. Some of the repercussions were shortly over-turned by an ICC about face. We go through that and the various bits of news from the ICC meeting, the tournament schedule for the coming year, and an apparent end-game for USACA. We preview the cricket world cup, and the associate prospects therein. Newly appointed head of cricket for QTV sports, Tim Brooks discusses some of their initiatives and the challenges of providing tv coverage in the associate world. …
  • Tournament Previews (16 January 2015)
    Looking forward to WCL2, the Asian T20 Cup and a tri-series in the UAE for the world cup qualifiers (except the UAE). Peter Miller and Tim Wigmore discuss their book Second XI: Cricket in its Outposts, how it came about, what it contains, and the challenges and opportunities in writing professionally about associate cricket. ICC news with particular relevance to the USA, news from Nepal …
  • End of Year Review (24 December 2014)
    The major themes of the 2014: promotion of associate cricket; the ascension of associate teams to test status; our highlights and players of the year; and the state of A+A cricket. African women's tournaments. Afghanistan in UAE; Kenya against Pakistan A (12:48). Governance news from Nepal, more tournaments of questionable value in Canada and Europe, …
  • WCL 3 Special (5 December 2014)
    Americas Division 2; Papua New Guinea's win in the EAP Trophy; Afghanistan dominated the ACC U19 tournament in Kuwait; various matches involving the leading associates; the 10-team world cup has been confirmed, ICC awards; some disturbing news about the umpiring panel; news from Afghanistan and Kenya.
  • WCL 3 Special (14 November 2014)
    A complete wrap of Nepal's victory in WCL 3, and the fall-out from the relegated Americas sides. The PNG v Hong Kong ODIs, ACC U-16 Elite, UAE vs Pakistan and Afghanistan v Pakistan U-19 matches. News from Nigeria, Nepal, Guernsey, France and more. Previews of the East-Asia Pacific T20 qualifiers and some junior events.
  • Asian Games Special (24 October 2014)
    The recent ICC TV deal and its likely effect on associate funding; why the problems of the West Indies are also a problem at lower levels. Women's cricket, with Monika Loveday, women's development officer of the Deutscher Cricket Bund; recent tournaments in South America for both senior and junior teams with Chris Hodgson, secretary of Cricket Peru; news from Nepal, Kenya and the USA (not all of it bad), and a big preview of World Cricket League Division 3.
  • Asian Games Special (12 October 2014)
    Korean League secretary Oweb Wibberley and Incheon ground announcer James Atkinsonand a game-by-game break-down of the event. Ghana's win in African T20 Division 2 tournament and the unexpected failure of Nigeria; the ongoing World Cup preparation tours; news regarding WCL3 and development initiatives in Oman and Afghanistan.
  • Tournament Roundups (26 September 2014)
    Ireland v Scotland and the Central Europe Cup in Prague. The ACA Cup 50 over tournament and the preceding sixes; the four-nation African women's event in Botswana; the Jersey-Guernsey inter-insular. Previews of the Asian Games, Africa T20 Division 2, and the warm-up tours of Australia and NZ by UAE and Afghanistan. News from the usual suspects, and some of it is even good for a change.
  • Tournament Roundups (6 September 2014)
    A full month of minor tournaments, tours and news. The official and unofficial European women's T20 tournaments, Under-age qualifiers from Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Reviews of Afghanistan's tour of Zimbabwe and Scotland's hosting of New Zealand A. Shambolic governance news from our perennial favourites: Kenya and the USA. The rumours surrounding the future of the ICC regional offices.
  • Tournament Roundups (21 July 2014)
    A look at the news - or lack of - from changes in the ICC. Shahriar Khan on the recent success of Asian sides, the leadup to the Asian Games, and some of the ICC conference outcomes as they affect Asian cricket. Reviews of World Cricket League Division 4, ICC Europe Division 2, and cricket in Romania and Scotland. Some governance news from Kenya, Canada and Nepal.
  • Tournament Roundups (19 June 2014)
    The ACC Elite, won by Singapore, the Pan European T20, won by Malta and the North Sea Pro Series. Danish coach Jeremy Bray on the upcoming WCL Division 4. Previews of ICC Europe Division 2, and the Scotland and Netherlands one dayers. Private tournament ownership, and the lack of ICC (and member) development in women's cricket, amongst other news from Ireland, Nepal, USA, and Uganda.
  • Around the World (6 June 2014)
    News from the ICC on the distribution of places for the next WT20 qualifier is bad news for Africa, America and Europe; but teams in WCL4 and above are still in the running for I-Cup and WCLC places. Worst off of all are Americas' women, currently deprived of a pathway to qualification. Andrew talks to Durriya Shabbir from the Canadian national team, about Women's Cricket Now, and the lack of support from Cricket Canada and the ICC. We then turn our attention to match fixing, discuss the potential risks at associate level, and why it needs to be taken more seriously. Finally there is the normal USACA news, reviews of the ACC Elite Trophy and the Pan European Cricket Tournament.
  • Tournament Roundup (5 May 2014)
    Europe Division Three, won by Belgium, not without a scare, and the ACC Premier League, won by Afghanistan are reviewed in depth. As are the Ireland-Sri Lanka and Scotland-England matches. Then Adam Cassidy from the ICC East-Asia Pacific office discusses the EAP Women's Trophy, preparations for the Asian Games, what next for PNG and his book An Ocean of Cricket. There is news of tournaments in Africa, tours to Ireland, and trouble in Bulgaria and the USA. And we discuss a little sporting history and the politics of exclusion.
  • Tournament Roundup (5 May 2014)
    The recent ICC meeting and speculate on the possible meanings of ambiguous ICC press releases. Andrew interviews Matt Featherstone from Cricket Brazil about the South American Championships, and the challenges growing the game in a populous nation with little coverage. We review the Stan Nagaiah Trophy, won by Malaysia, and preview the European Division 3 T20, the ACC Premier and the East-Asia Pacific Women's T20. There is also news from Hong Kong and (as ever) the USA.
  • April Roundup (10 April 2014)
    Interview with Wisden assistant editor James Coyne about this year's Cricket Round the World section; the 20 year CRtW retrospective, Elk Stopped Play; and the approach taken to last year's most significant event: the governance reforms of the ICC. Review of the performance of the Irish women and Dutch men in the World T20; Africa Division Three T20, won by Swaziland. TThe launch of the North Sea Pro Series; the UAE continue to press for more matches, and even the world cup; and on the ongoing poor governance at USACA.
  • World Cup Qualifier Review (14 January 2014)
    2014 starts with a rush with the World Cup qualifiers in New Zealand and a preview of each of the ten teams involved, as well as the women's tri-series in Qatar. We look back at the ACC U-19 tournament and the EAP's ongoing efforts at the Australian Country Championships. And we break down some of the news coming out of the ICC and ACC: the report into Olympic involvement, changes in funding and match status, decisions (or not) on future tournaments, and more matches for Afghanistan, including the Asia Cup.
  • Intercontinental Cup Review (31 December 2013)
    The final episode for 2013 reviews the Intercontinental Cup final, women's T20 tournaments in Africa, and U-19 tournaments in Asia. We discuss Ireland's year of dominance; the increasing presence of associate players in the BBL; and the raft of changes to squads and coaching lineups as we approach the World Cup qualifiers in 2014. Finally, we highlight our favourite matches, players and teams from throughout the year of tournaments we've covered.
  • World T20 Qualifier Preview (12 November 2013)
    Andrew and Russell discuss the tournament format, preview all sixteen teams across both groups and offer their predictions for who will make the playoffs. Three players give us their thoughts on the T20 World Cup Qualifiers as Andrew interviews Niall O'Brien of Ireland and Frederik Klokker of Denmark, and Jack Sheldon discusses Italy's chances with Gareth Berg.
  • Guernsey, USA and Ireland (16 September 2013)
    David Piesing of the Guernsey Cricket Board on the Inter-insular match against Jersey. President of the USYCA and new Chief Executive of the American Cricket Federation, Jamie Harrison discusses the organisation's plans and goals, and how they differ from the USACA. Ger Siggins on the tensions between Cricket Ireland and their larger neighbour; and Justin Smyth talks about the Scottish WCL and I-Cup fixtures, and the prospects of both sides in their off-season. The women's and men's teams of Namibia; the Hong Kong sixes are officially not on this season; the Dutch tour of Canada, and the important final matches of UAE and Afghanistan in the WCL.
  • Gibraltar with Ross Brooks (28 August 2013)
    The series between Canada and the UAE and Namibia and Afghanistan. We get a round-up of two European women's tournaments, one in Italy, and one in Jersey. General Manager of Gibraltar Cricket Ross Brooks about their performance in Italy, and recent developments on the Rock. We discuss Cricinfo's historical associate team, and rant about the myopia of cricket's supposed thought leaders. A preview of Ireland and Scotland's forthcoming matches against full members; the Americas divisional structure is revealed and Charlie Burke is to leave Hong Kong.
  • Europe with Nick Pink (23 June 2013)
    Nick Pink, development manager for ICC Europe, chats candidly on their Street Cricket initiative, development funding and tournament planning in Europe, the forthcoming ICC Europe T20 Division 1 and some key issues. We preview the Ireland v Netherlands Intercontinental Cup and Scotland-Kenya WCL games … and more.
  • World Cricket League Division 3 Review (9 June 2013)
    Ground development, Scotland v Pakistan, the first Irish match and test status. Jan Bartosik talks about taking up an unfamiliar sport in one of the ICC's smallest nations. The final Ireland match against Pakistan and the Netherlands match against South Africa, and ICC eligibility in light of Rankin's selection for the English squad.
  • World Cricket League Division 3 Review (19 May 2013)
    The fall-out from World Cricket League Division 3, the Dutch tour of Namibia and the Under 19 World Cup qualifiers in Asia. We overview the start of the European season, Afghanistan's bid for associate status and the USYCA's choice of affiliation.
  • Germany with Andre Leslie (25 April 2013)
    Deutsche Welle journalist and Cricket Germany batsman Andre Leslie talks about World Cricket League Division 7, cricket development in Germany, the difficulty of promoting cricket in the local media, and his hopes for European Division 1 in July. In the news: the proliferation of tours to full member nations, and the distribution of TAPP funding and ICC priorities.
  • Asia with Somesh Verma and Shahriar Khan (19 April 2013)
    Perspectives on the Asian T20 Cup from Somesh Verma, editor of Cricket Nepal and writer for the Kathmandu Post, discussing cricket in the host country Nepal and ACC media manager Shahriar Khan looking at the broader Asian region. In between James Coyne, assistant editor of the Wisden Almanack, about the Cricket Round the World Section in this year's edition. In the news: John Mooney's unfortunate tweets, the city of Lauderhill considers other uses for its cricket stadium, and Namibia's quota system.
  • Americas with Peter Della Penna (13 April 2013)
    The Americas Division 1 held in Florida, news and events in US cricket, and the upcoming World Cricket League 3 in Bermuda. We preview the Namibia-Netherlands I-Cup and WCL Championship games, and wrap up the news from the Asian T20 Championship.
  • Ireland with Barry Chambers (27 March 2013)
    Cricket Ireland media manager Barry Chambers discusses the recent Irish tour of the UAE, the proposed inter-provincial matches and upcoming international season in Ireland, and the task ahead as they work towards test status. We also look back at the Kenya-Canada I-Cup match, and preview the ACC Twenty20 Cup and World Cricket League Division 7 in Botswana.
  • World Cup and Intercontinental Cup Review (7 March 2013)
    A round up the Afghanistan-Scotland matches and the Canada-Kenya WCL games leads into a discussion of HPP funding, TAPP funding and the problems of having test status.
  • East Asia Pacific with Avi Singh (7 March 2013)
    Avi Singh, ESPN Cricinfo and CricHQ scorer and commentator and Auckland local, joins us to discuss the East-Asia Pacific T20 Championship and Papua New Guinea's matches against New Zealand professionals. We discuss the key players and differences between the winners and those below; whether EAP needs to bring back the second division; the relationship between the Polynesian nations and New Zealand cricket; and getting local media interested in tournaments. A look back on Americas Division 2, the victory of the Bahamas, and the unusual and unfortunate decline of Argentina; the performance of associate players in the Bangladesh Premier League and the benefits, or not for associate sides; and a look ahead to Africa Division 1 in Uganda.
  • China with John Newton (10 February 2013)
    Jon Newton, founder of, discusses ICC qualification routes and their effect, developing cricket in China, the legacy of the Asian Games, cricket in the media, and the Chinese national team's development, particularly the women who came second in the recently concluded ACC Women's Championship.
  • USA with Peter Della Penna (31 January 2013)
    The mooted ICC plan to have a pre-qualifying tournament for the WT20 in 2014; the state of US cricket administration (sadly CHALLC bailed on their proposed T20 after we'd spoken); the performance of the USA team in 2012 and their prospects for 2013; as well as cricket in Canada, Argentina and the Americas.

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