Tuesday saw ten pupils from Cheeverstown Special Needs School in Templeogue, South Dublin County Council take part in their first session of Kwik Cricket.

Naomi and Amy set up a reaction and colours game where SNA’s were on-hand to assist. We adapted the games to be on desks so that the four wheelchair users could participate and on the floor also for the walkers as this allowed everyone to equally participate.

We then split the group into pairs and did some batting drills. Each pair had a batter versus a bowler scenario, and it was a race of who could get back to the stumps first.

In the pairs our winners were:

  • Sean (11 runs)
  • Chantelle (10 runs)
  • Megan (9 runs)
  • Leon (9 runs)
  • Jake (8 runs)

This was a fantastic group to work with. Boys and girls ranging from 7-17 years old with a mixture of severe learning impairments and severe physical impairments. Most had fine motor skills so the help of their carers was a huge part of the pupils’ enjoyment.

We have signed up for a six-week programme with Cheeverstown starting on the 24th of March and we will be introducing Table Cricket to the programme then too.