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Date: 19/3/2016
Author: timmyj51
Cricinfo article got it right: in their obsession with
getting test status Ireland neglected the shorter forms
and now have nothing. What sense does it make sweating and
straining to reach a format that fans, sponsors, are abandoning? Deshies have been playing tests for almost twenty
years and they still play to empty stadia. Ireland should
announce they're dropping out of the Continental Caper and
spending all their time/money on the shorter forms. Even
better, get ICC to start a T20 competition for the top
AAs. Then go to Guiness and have them sponsor a match in
the USA (or even better, get the 12.5% multinationals who
are bleeding the country dry to sponsor it). Be more
publicity for Irish cricket than any full could ever get.
Date: 19/3/2016
Author: darren
Have to share this as the general ignroance is baffling!

'I must confess, I generally look at the Associate teams with some skepticism. My most overpowering thought has been: can these teams ever be as good as those in mainstream cricket?'
Date: 19/3/2016
Author: dotski_w

I think something like a County system between club and IP could be good (if not strictly county based) not just for T20, there were such teams in the past and 4 Northern & 4 Southern regional sides would result in a very good standard I think (& could run in parallel competitons with North/South groups to cut travel/overnights etc)

The main problem for me is when would you fit the games in..weekend schedule already crowded for the players in the forcing anyone to play all the extra games of course but if they didnt attract the best players, would the standard be much higher than top division club cricket anyway?

Alternative of mid week wouldnt work without as you say IP players contracted and paid enough to effectively be off during the summer ... doubt though even if that happened you'd have more than 14 contracted players per IP side, if each of those split into 2 'county' level sides you'd still need another 4-5 players on each side.. perhaps if there were equivilent 'academy' players from u19 level you could have mixed-ability sides, that would give top players more cricket, and increase experience of younger players (maybe giving them some 3 day cricket against quality players).

I doubt the prospect would be enough to attract resources in 1st place, but as you say it could 'piggy back' off a proper interpros set up it if it did happen.

But again, all takes money.
Date: 19/3/2016
Author: Ryano
@ stephen brown

The IP's need to revert to the old format of 6 sides for cricket to expand on the island.

Date: 18/3/2016
Author: Brian
Think I might join in on the debates/predictions on the forum recently - cant say I know to much about cricket in the NCU or LCU so il just stick to my home and I think Coleraine for the league again this year - I actually see Brigade as a more weakened side than last year at this present time unless they sign that pro leaving Eglinton & Donemana stronger IMO - Donemana a more complete team with Eglinton depending more on their 'big 3' - cant say I agree with comments on Strabane winning the league. Quite a long way off IMO actually but with P.Gillispie & possibly the new pro enough to win games on their own. Obviously Mr Curry and another new pro fall into the same category leaving Drummond & Bready to fight it out & if their international isn't available all season then its finally bye bye Bready IMO & they cant say it wasn't coming but thats not to say I want that to happen as it would be a huge shame to for what that club have to be playing Championship cricket.

My top 4 in no order Donemana, (Coleraine Champions), Eglinton and Brigade

Bottom 4 in no order - Drummond, (Bready relegated), Ardmore and Strabane

In regards to our T20 national team. I dont think we really play enough of this form of the game in a season. I know this means making more time in a short calendar but club wise you play maybe 4/5 a year and inter pro you will play 4 games. Not enough for improvement & not enough games on quality wickets especially at club level either. How can you expect players to push if their isnt opportunity at a good level? No disrespect intended but from a NW point of view how can players improve if say Eglinton play away to Creevedonnel or Coleraine travel to say Ardmore? - its unlikely to happen I know but Ireland cricket need huge funding from either Cricket Ireland themselves or a few business men IMO to develop this part of our game - more games, even if county games were introduced on top of inter pros, for example Derry v Tyrone. Introduce a T20 circuit type thing in our season on grounds were only you would play finals, ie Eglinton, Bready, Strabane etc - offer incentives to the players, rewards for MOM etc
Wishful thinking I suppose but to be fair the whole world is moving on in regards to money in sport, we need to aswell but obviously that cant happen at the click of a finger but if their is inter pro contracts being introduced maybe there can be extra cash produced for county games aswell.

Just a thought
Date: 18/3/2016
Author: stephen brown
What would you interpro teams look like?Some of the under 19 players in there?
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