Of all the maintenance operations that are carried out to a cricket square there is no doubt that the most important and influential operations are the end of season renovations.

The quality and thoroughness of this work is crucial to the performance of the pitches during the next season and ensuring the long term quality of the pitches.

Thanks to Cricket Irelands support, Phil Frost Cricket Ireland Head Groundsman at Malahide CC will be hosting an 'End of Season Renovations' workshop at Bready CC on Thursday 25th / Friday 26th September which will give groundsmen from throughout the NWCU an opportunity to come along and learn at first hand from Phil.

Phil will be covering the following areas:

1. Scarification
2. Spiking
3. Fertliization
4. Top dressing

If you any groundsmen would like to attend either of these days, please could you get in touch with Trevor Hamilton on 07775791667 or via ipnorthwestwarriors@gmail.com for more information.