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Date: 19/7/2014
Author: George Walker
Congratulations to Donemana CC on winning their 3rd senior cup final in a row . Des Coyle stated very well why Donemana CC have been so successful but folks it's not rocket science, investing time and energy in the youth is one thing but these young cricketers must then be given the opportunity to play in club's 1st teams and their talents nurtured and supported by the established players so that their development and love for the game can continue and their potential can be realised. This model has served Donemana CC well for many years not always with success but they preservered with they knew best and history speaks for itself. Perhaps a charity match could be organised between a Donemana select made up of players who played their boys cricket at Donemana Vs a NW select surely that would draw a crowd and raise money for a good cause!!
Date: 19/7/2014
Author: Brigade CC
We would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate Strabane CC on their fantastic hosting of this year's Danske Bank senior cup. They handled the occasion so professionally in every aspect and deserve great credit. It was also very pleasing to see Paddy Gillespie there during the presentation as we know how much effort he put in during the run up to the game. Well done to all and thank you.
Date: 19/7/2014
Author: Samuel Dunne
Re Dave & Under 11 "Tyrone Select"
Dave if you look @ the hard work done by dedicated coaches on a weekly basis & Summer Camps to bring on the next generation of cricketers I can see why this is justified.
Maybe if have you ECB Level 1 or 2 coaching experience you should start this in your own club & then maybe us Tyrone folk can write a role reversal rant.
Well done to all selected & to those who were not, there is still many more years to come.
BTW I see that Bready have their yearly Summer Camp next week for everyone up to the age of 16.
Does this answer your rant.
Date: 19/7/2014
Author: D Robinson
A massive well done to all at Strabane CC for the professionalism shown at the NW senior cup final. All the Red Cap 1st team players played a big part in ensuring that the 2 days went with out any glitches. Take a bow!! Well done to Donemana.. Money can't buy the team spirit shown by the Holm team. And unlucky Brigade, who made it a great final for the neutral..
Date: 19/7/2014
Author: Des Coyle

Massice congratulations to Donemana CC on yet another cup final victory. A proper village club, with an excellent youth setup, and a thriving senior playing base. Donemana are a club where people play for pleasure, and are pulled together by a unity of spirirt and love for the club. They have not paid local players, have invested in youth, and continue to reap dividends. It is great to see so many talented cricketers coming through the ranks - Andy McBrine and the McClintock twins for instance - augmented by the legendary Junior McBrine.

Donemana have suffered over the years to losing players to the lure of rival cash; what other club could recover from the loss of Decker Curry, Gary Neely, Aggie Riddles and Jonny Thompson for instance? A club with firm foundations in youth, and a proud heritage like Donemana.

I have to say I take great pleasure at Brigade, yet again, falling at the final hurdle. I also hope that they will not win the league. I regard Brigade as a club with a lot of potential; top notch facilities, healthy bank balance and a great catchment area. None of this is utilized however, due to myopic Management. Their brilliant overseas professional, Wasti, masked these deficiencies for some time.

Brigade are now, however, reaping what they have sown. Brigade's cup final team only has two true Brigade men, Mark Simpson and Mattie Moran. The rest are mercenaries; a team spirit is developed through a collective identity, through a shared ethos and love for a club. Brigade do not have this; I suspect when the chips are down, Donemana will fight through and prevail, but Brigade will fold. A different band of hired guns this year, does not deliver success.

The example of Limavady is pertinent; invest in youth structure, put a strong foundation in place, or else Brigade will fall by the wayside.
Date: 19/7/2014
Author: Ryan D
re David Cooke

Where in my post did I state that Brigade only had two players, I suggest you read it again before you make stupid comments.
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