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The Forum invites your opinion on any topic of relevance in Dutch cricket. However, we reserve the right not to publish submissions written under pseudonyms or bogus email addresses, or which make gratuitous personal attacks.

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Date: 17/3/2016
Author: stephen brown
Any domestic movements?
Tom Cooper cut from Somerset,a season in Holland?
Do Holland have their club games against Scotland this season?
Date: 16/3/2016
Author: Nikki
Exactly, with this new board and a fresh view on the game, I believe that Dutch cricket could get itself into a better state of contention within the world of cricket.

If Afghanistan and Ireland can compete and develop the way they have, then the Netherlands should do their utmost best to join in.

There is always hope...

Date: 16/3/2016
Author: Cees
Dear all, International cricket is almost dead. This T20 has shown that only money rules the world. The Dutch cricket has nothing to go for and will end up as a local game, which maybe a number of people really like. The ICC is like many other sport bodies corrupt and only interested in the big money and listens to the big countries or influential business people who run for example the IPL T20. Cricket only to be seen behind the decoder is not helping as well. The Rugby World cup has shown that smaller countries will contribute to a top event. Maybe the old bodies in the ICC should have a look there otherwise I think cricket is dead and buried as a commercial game for the rich.
Date: 15/3/2016
Author: Cuen Lucas
Agreed Nikki, hope the KNCB will understand that the Dutch system can produce match winning players.
Date: 14/3/2016
Author: Nikki
Good that van Meekeren did well...

I like it when authentic dutch cricketers do well.
Date: 14/3/2016
Author: Manu Eldho
Is Paul van Meekeren now a full time contracted player of KNCB?
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