The International Cricket Council today confirmed that an event bowling action review panel (the ‘Event Panel’) analysis has found the bowling action of Kenya’s James Ngoche to be illegal and, as such, the off-spinner has been suspended from bowling in international cricket with immediate effect.

Ngoche was reported to the Event Panel after his side’s match against Oman last Saturday, which the African side won by 7 runs at Myreside, Edinburgh.

The assessment was carried out in accordance with Section 4 of the ICC Regulations for the Review of Bowlers Reported with Suspected Illegal Actions (the “Regulations”).

Pursuant to the Regulations, where the Event Panel concludes that the player employs an illegal bowling action, the player shall be immediately suspended from bowling in any international cricket until such time as the player submits himself to an independent assessment of his bowling action conducted by an appointed specialist at an ICC Accredited Testing Centre pursuant to the ICC Standard Action Protocols which concludes that he has remedied his action.