The United Arab Emirates will almost certainly be going home after the group stage. Which might be for the best as they don't look like they want to be in this tournament. They certainly didn't want to be at the ground for the presentation, as they began making their way to the bus almost before the last catch had landed in the hands of the deep fieldsman.

The losses for this side have piled up, with just two wins in fourteen international matches (across all formats) since the start of 2015. The long tours and disheartening losses might have taken their toll as this was a poor performance throughout, and a match sooner forgotten.

Kenya had an uneven batting performance, taking singles as they came along, punctuated by the odd aerial shot, notably from their major contributors: Narendra Patel (42 off 29 balls) and Rakep Patel who made an even fifty from 27 balls. It came as something of a surprise that they had made 147 such was the lethargy with which the innings had largely progressed. Again, in no small part to the rather lifeless fielding of the UAE, particularly when compared to the earlier efforts of Oman.

The chase was similarly lethargic. Kenya didn't bowl particularly well, but there was no urgency to the UAE batting. They took few singles and quickly reverting to the aerial route on which all but three of their batsmen eventually perished. The two who didn't were the only two likely to rescue the Emiratis from the hole they were digging themselves, and the only significant highlights of the day. Shaiman Anwar had breezed to 25 from some generous short bowling on either side of the wicket when he edged Narendra Patel (who finished with 4/16) to a swan diving Irfan Karim. A ball later, Rakep Patel's direct hit from outside the circle, charging in from deep point, removed Swapnil Patil, and the writing was on the wall.

The lofted shots continued to fail them, and the Kenyans made no mistake with their catching. The UAE falling to a crushing 42 run loss which has left the Kenyan's equal on points at the top of the group; their preparation for the playoffs can begin in earnest.