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North Down v Phoenix - Irish Cup (1) (8 June)
S Shah opened for Phoenix
4 for Shah
S Shah bowled by Taimur Khan
Delight for Taimur Khan
Left alone
Free hit dispatched for 4
Rory Anders edges to the slips...
....Ryan Haire congratulates Nick Larkin on the catch
James Cameron- Dow took 3 wickets
Into the covers
Kept out
Edges to wicket keeper Peter Shields
K Sheikh pulls full toss to mid wicket....
... held by Marty Moreland
Phoenix scorer Conor Dillon
Rain break
S Singh trying to work away....
....but CJ Muir appeal upheld
Nick Larkin
Johnny Terrett
Grandstanding Jo Montgomery, Marty Dalzell and Neill Russell
Nick Larkin plays on
Johnny Terrett also played on
Ryan Haire on his toes
6 for Ryan Haire
Haire clears boundary again
Ryan Haire reaches his 50
Cut away by Taimur Khan
Ryan Haire clears the boundary again
Taimur Khan
Ryan Haire hits the winning boundary - 70* 8x4, 3x6
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