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Leinster Lightning v Northern Knights Day 2 (18 June)
Cricket Ireland Board
Cricket Ireland President Joe Doherty
John Mooney appeals..
Max Sorensen
Max Sorensen bowling
Nick Larkin batting
Driven by Nick Larkin
Imad Wasim batting
Tyrone Kane warms up
Huge appeal by Tyrone Kane
Guided away by Nick Larkin
Pointing the way
Runs for Larkin
Kane bowling
Defended by Wasim
Just short
Fintan McAllister gets the run out
Down and out
Leinster celebrate the wicket
Popped up to silly point
Swept by Andrew White
Imad Wasim batting
Delight for Eddie Richardson
Pushed away by Lee Nelson
Runs for Andrew White
Albert van der Merwe bowling
Eddie Richardson bowling
Lee Nelson and Eddie Richardson
Lee Nelson is lbw
Eddie Richardson congratulated
Successful appeal by Eddie Richardson
Eddie Richardson gets the verdict
More congratulations for Richardson
Rueful Eddie Richardson
Shane Getkate batting
No ball signalled
Driven by Shane Getkate
Edged past slip
John Anderson bowling
Tyrone Kane bowling
The end of the innings as Shane Getkate is bowled
The end of the innings as Shane Getkate is bowled
Trent Johnston
Trent Johnston points the way
Mark Jones
Thumbs up from Mark Jones
John Anderson avoids a bouncer
John Anderson fends off
John Anderson pulls
James Cameron-Dow and Mark Adair
Short ball to Patrick Collins
James Cameron-Dow
James Cameron-Dow
Pushed away by John Anderson
Runs for Pat Collins
Swept by Pat Collins
John Anderson batting
Mark Adair
Mark Adair
Andrew White points the way
Imad Wasim bowling
Pat Collins goes for 41
Waiting on the throw
Waiting to pounce
Boundary for Simmi Singh
Andrew White gives chase
Crowd at the game
Knights can't believe it hasn't been given
Lee Nelson
Cut by Singh
Lee Nelson bowling
Cut by Andrew Poynter
Andrew Poynter
Hit away by Andrew Poynter...
..sails into the crowd for six
Simmi Singh cuts
Return to Chris Dougherty
Cut by Andrew Poynter
Nick Larkin
Simmi Singh
Unbridled joy as Andrew Poynter reaches fifty
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